I have been an artist my entire life, and started taking makeup seriously as a career option after being lucky enough to be a makeup assistant on the film set of an independent film called Battle Earth back in 2012, created by the boys over at Rambunxious Entertainment Inc! Check them out! I will forever be grateful for that chance, it was like a light bulb exploding in my skull, and I will always credit those guys for opening the door to a world I only thought existed in the movies! 


Currently, I am the SPFX & Prosthetics Educator at One Beauty Academy in Calgary, AB, Canada. 

Calamity Jade 

I came up with the concept for Calamity Jade as my makeup brand name, fueled mostly by two things: my love of Western History (John Wayne movies and Louie L'Amour books), and the beauty of the name I was given at birth, Jade.

Martha Jane Canary (American frontierswoman) was a professional scout lady who was strong and independent, fierce and brutal when necessary, but kind and compassionate, especially to the sick and needy. I loved learning about her life in western history, so I decided to play off her infamous nick name Calamity Jane. 

Jade (my given birth name) comes in many forms, most commonly seen as a plant or stone. I have collected all things Jade throughout my life, mostly because of my name, but also because Jade stones are stunningly beautiful and also known to possess great energies (luck, love, healing, and protection); if you believe in that kind of stuff.

Also, a big part of me picking the name was the contradicting nature of the two words; calamity and jade. Calamity meaning disaster, and Jade being so positively beautiful. Beautiful Disaster, suited me and my essence perfectly, almost as if the name was meant to be. I believe that the most interesting artists are comprised of dark and light, good and bad, beauty and disaster. An awkward combination of insecurity and arrogance, which precisely describes me.​The name suited me and my personality effortlessly, and so Calamity Jade was born.

Makeup is my passion, the epitome of everything artistic that I have ever loved. Sculpting, painting, drawing, and creative imagination. Creativity is who I am. Thank you to all my supporters! Much love always! 

-Jade Brunes