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Calamity Jade 

I came up with the concept for Calamity Jade as my Artist name, fueled mostly by two things: my love of Western History (primarily John Wayne movies and Louie L'Amour books), and the beauty of the name I was given at birth, Jade.

Martha Jane Canary (American frontierswoman) was a professional scout lady who was strong and independent, fierce and brutal when necessary, but kind and compassionate, especially to the sick and needy. I loved learning about her life in western history, so I decided to play off her infamous nickname Calamity Jane. 

Jade (my birth name) comes in many forms, most commonly seen as a plant or stone. I have collected all things Jade throughout my life, but also because Jade stones are stunningly beautiful and also known to possess great energies (luck, love, healing, and protection).

Also, a big part of me picking the name was the contradicting nature of the two words; calamity and jade. Calamity meaning disaster, and Jade being so positively beautiful. Beautiful Disaster, suited me and my essence perfectly, almost as if the name was meant to be. I believe that the most interesting artists are comprised of dark and light, good and bad, beauty and disaster. An awkward combination of insecurity and arrogance, which precisely describes me.​The name suited me effortlessly, and so Calamity Jade was born.

Art is my passion. Makeup, sculpting, painting, drawing, and ever evolving imagination. Creativity is who I am. Thank you to all my supporters! Much love always! 

-Jade Brunes  

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